Automobile et aéronautique

Produit Category Données techniques Applications / propriétés Ph / Ionic charge Doc
ACTYBIND CSC Resin binders
PU / Co-polymer Compact High covering, non tacky compact, high physical properties Anionic
ACTYBIND PU SC3 Resin binders
Aliphatic PU Very elastic, PU binder, efficient for up grading of low selection and C/G leathers Anionic
ACTYCROSS A14 Auxiliaries finishing
Polyaziridine PU and acrylic crosslinker Anionic
ACTYDULL NI 72 Auxiliaries finishing
Matting Agent Duller improving base-coat opacity and filling effect Anionic
ACTYFIL A Auxiliaries finishing
Aqueous Filler Excellent filling effect with a good degree of dulling Anionic
ACTYMAX SP5 Auxiliaries finishing
PU based Stucco Preground stucco, based on heave fillers in 100% PU polymer. Applied by spatulla Anionic
ACTYWAX FF Auxiliaries finishing
Wax Emulsion Very efficient anti-tacky wax even in hot and humide conditions Anionic
ACTYLUST 1079 Caseins
Protein / Hard Wax Excellent polishability, particularly adapted to goat / calf Anionic
Self Crosslinking Acrylic Very soft self crosslinking Acrylic for ecological fixation adapted to milled articles Anionic
Aliphatic PU Very elastic PU top coat adapted to milled and "Stretch" leathers Anionic
ACTYTOP PU PL2 Top coats
Aliphatic PU High Gloss Aliphatic PU Top Coat, adapted to shoe upper and leather goods fixations. Anionic
ACTYTOP PU 320 G Top coats
Aliphatic PU Glossy, aliphatic PU Top Coat. With High Performance Film. Anionic
ACTAN AP Retanning
Amphoteric syntan Early retanning during neutralization 4.0
ACTAN EF Retanning
Styrene maleic copolymer Elastic handle, increases retanning penetration 9+/-1
ACTAN MN Retanning
Reactive amino polymer Lightfast white resin. Reactive for wet-white tanning 8.0
ACTAN RF Retanning
Phenol-naphthalene condensate Replacement and filling syntan 4.0
ACTAN RP Retanning
Melamine urea formaldehyde condensate Softness, fullness, tight grain 8.0
ACTAN SLQ Retanning
Polyphenolic syntan Liquid replacement syntan, high fullness effect 3.5
ACTAN TG Retanning
Polyphenol synthetic and natural compound Universal replacement syntan, high plumping effect 4.5
Aliphatic dialdehyde pH stable 2 to 8 Light and soft leather, fluffy effect 6.0
Modified aliphatic aldehyde Pretanning, retanning of soft light leathers 7.0
ACTIPACT® CNL Actipact® Range
High tech polymer Retanning + Fatliquoring + Silky touch 8.5
ACTIPACT® DLP Actipact® Range
High tech lubricating polymer High level of lubrication / fullness / softness 7.5
ACTIPACT® RU Actipact® Range
High tech polymer Tanning + Thickness eveness + Rubber-like effect 4.0
ACTIPACT® VSP Actipact® Range
High tech lubricating polymer Highly recommended to light and soft crust 7.5
Polynaphthalene Levels and improves penetration, bright shades 7.0
Cationic amide Strong improvement of wet fastness 5.0
ACTYL IF Auxiliaries
Specific complexing organic compound Iron (III) binding agent 1.0
ACTYL BPR Auxiliaries
Compound of mineral dilutants Agent for the treatment of old wet-blue or pickle 2.0
BIOCIDE CB Fungicide
Water based, multi molecular, micro emulsion Long term protection 5.5
BIOCIDE M3 Fungicide
Water based, 3 high-synergy molecules Long term protection, wide spectrum of action, biodegradable 6.0
BIOCIDE A8 Fungicide
Water based, multi molecular Long term protection 4.2
ACTILIME E Unhairing/Liming
Organo compounds. DMA free Anti wrinkles process. Increases yield 10.6
ACTOL K Soaking
Anionic surfactant / organosulphur compound Strong water up-take and bactericide effect 8.5
ACTOL DB Degreasing
Combination of fat dissolving emulsifiers Solvent free degreasing agent. Biodegradable 6.5
ACTIPICKLE NSA Pickling/Tanning
Selection of specific reactive organic acids Tanning auxiliary, low salt quantity - sulfuric acid free system 2.5
ACTIDEC PNF Deliming / Bating
Selection of organic acids. Nitrogen free Environmentally friendly deliming agent 1.5
ACTAN SL Auxiliaries
Inorganic modified slippery compounds Physically active anti-friction agent 7.0
Aliphatic PU Very strong Matt PU in aqueous base, solvent free and silica free Anionic
ACTYL ECO 6 Auxiliaries
Combination of anti-oxydative agents Powerfull chrome VI scavenger 3.0