Produit Category Données techniques Applications / propriétés Ph / Ionic charge Doc
ACTYBIND BCH Resin binders
Acrylic Very hard binder adapted to special finishing like "crystal" & distressed effect's. Anionic
ACTYBIND BCS Resin binders
Acrylic Soft binder, wet and dry resistance adapted to Shoes + Leather goods Anionic
ACTYBIND CAS Resin binders
Acrylic / Filler Compact Versatile soft compact binder used as a ground and embossing coat Anionic
ACTYBIND CSY Resin binders
Acrylic Compact Excellent covering properties Anionic
ACTYBIND GC Resin binders
Acrylic Very soft micro binder. Nappa, milling type Anionic
ACTYBIND IS Resin binders
Acrylic Soft impregnation binder, adapted to full grain nappa, shoe upper and leather goods Anionic
ACTYBIND PU 1169 NF Resin binders
Aliphatic PU NEP & NMP free Very soft binder with high adhesion properties, specialy for milled leather and sheepskins Anionic
ACTYBIND RF Resin binders
Modified Acrylic Soft re-finishing binder. Directly applied on existing finishing. Adhesion promoter Anionic
ACTYDRIVE 1011 Auxiliaries finishing
Surfactant Penetrator particularly adapted to impregnation Anionic
ACTYDULL NI 72 Auxiliaries finishing
Matting Agent Duller improving base-coat opacity and filling effect Anionic
ACTYWAX 1008 Auxiliaries finishing
Synthetic Wax Emulsion Feel coats & base coats, soft milled leathers Non ionic9 +/-1
ACTYWAX 1077 Auxiliaries finishing
Emulsion of synthetic waxes Soft wax, polishing bottom coat Slightly cationic
ACTYWAX TE Auxiliaries finishing
Natural fat Able to give different antique effects Anionic
Hard Protein Used as a top coat in high gloss glazed finishing Anionic
Polyamide / Protein Soft film / polishable and glazable Anionic
Organic fixation Ecological fixation for protein binders, formaldehyde free Anionic
ACTYTOP PU 404 D Top coats
Aliphatic PU Matt PU fixation in aqueous phase, able to reduce the gloss of the PU top coats Anionic
N/C Solution General purpose soft solvent based lacquer -
ACTYTOUCH SB 11 Top coats
Modified Silicon Feel modifier. Solvent based silky touch. Improves scratch resistance -
ACTYTOUCH SB 22 Top coats
Synthetic Wax Feel modifier. Solvent based greasy waxy touch -
ACTYBIND KA Cationic range
Acrylic binder Very soft binder used in polishing bottom-coat and base-coat, very natural look Cationic
ACTYBIND KU 34 Cationic range
PU Binder Very soft binder used in polishing bottom-coat and base-coat Cationic
ACTYFIL K 90 Cationic range
Wax Filler Soft emulsion filler used in water-based polishable bottom-coat Cationic
ACTYLUST CK Cationic range
Protein-acid phase Soft casein mainly used in polishable bottom-coat Cationic
ACTYWAX K Cationic range
Wax compact Wax / filler compact cationic Cationic
ACTAZYM A Pickling/Tanning
Acid pH active enzymes Bating on pickle and wet blue. Reduces fold marks 7.8
ACTAN MN Retanning
Reactive amino polymer Lightfast white resin. Reactive for wet-white tanning 8.0
ACTAN RF Retanning
Phenol-naphthalene condensate Replacement and filling syntan 4.0
ACTAN RP Retanning
Melamine urea formaldehyde condensate Softness, fullness, tight grain 8.0
Modified aliphatic aldehyde Pretanning, retanning of soft light leathers 7.0
ACTIPACT® DLP Actipact® Range
High tech lubricating polymer High level of lubrication / fullness / softness 7.5
ACTIPACT® RU Actipact® Range
High tech polymer Tanning + Thickness eveness + Rubber-like effect 4.0
ACTIPACT® VSP Actipact® Range
High tech lubricating polymer Highly recommended to light and soft crust 7.5
Polynaphthalene Levels and improves penetration, bright shades 7.0
Cationic amide Strong improvement of wet fastness 5.0
ACTOIL AMG Fatliquoring
Natural and synthetic fatty substances High softness, round and spongy effect 7.5
ACTOIL CSU Fatliquoring
Synthetic oil Excellent softness, light and heat fastness 8.5
ACTOIL MDF Fatliquoring
Synthetic sulphited ester Electrolyte stable (i.e. : furs, woolskins) 7.5
ACTOIL SGC Fatliquoring
Phosphated fatty alcohols derivates Light weight leathers, fullness, softness, silky touch 7.5
ACTYL ECO 6 Auxiliaries
Combination of anti-oxydative agents Powerfull chrome VI scavenger 3.0
ACTYCOMPACT BU Resin binders
PU, synthetic wax & filler modified Burnish compact with a strong covering effect Anionic