Cuir Végétalisé

Produit Category Données techniques Applications / propriétés Ph / Ionic charge Doc
ACTAN FCM Chrome free tanning
Natural and synthetic compact Tanning / retanning agent. Softness and fullness 3.9
ACTAN FCT Chrome free tanning
Modified gallic product Tanning agent for chrome free leather. Firm leather 3.6
ACTAN BU Retanning
Highly reactive polyphenol Burnishing retanning agent. Gives very tight grain 3.8
ACTAN GAC Retanning
Modified gambier extract Vegetable characteristics for roundness and tightness 5
ACTAN PV Retanning
Naphthalene based condensate Quick penetration of vegetable extracts. Pretanning 3.5
ACTAN TV Retanning
Syntan and vegetal compounds Crusting with vegetable characteristics 5.0
ACTAN FBV Retanning
Naphthalene based condensate Bleaching and fixing agent for vegetable extracts 2.5
ACTAN SBA Retanning
Phenol condensate Lightfast white syntan 4.5
ACTAN WT Retanning
Sulfone syntan White replacement syntan, high tanning power 2.75
ACTAN TG Retanning
Polyphenol synthetic and natural compound Universal replacement syntan, high plumping effect 4.5