Produit Category Données techniques Applications / propriétés Ph / Ionic charge Doc
ACTYBIND C 205 Resin binders
PU compact Soft compact binder recommended to upholstery corrected grain leather Anionic
ACTYBIND C 239 Resin binders
Acrylic Very soft compact binder particularly adapted to soft full grain leathers Anionic
ACTYBIND PU SC3 Resin binders
Aliphatic PU Very elastic, PU binder, efficient for up grading of low selection and C/G leathers Anionic
ACTYCOMPACT X1 Resin binders
PU & acrylic modified High covering compact binder for shoe upper, bags & upholstery, keeping natural aspects Anionic
ACTYCROSS A14 Auxiliaries finishing
Polyaziridine PU and acrylic crosslinker Anionic
ACTYDRIVE 1011 Auxiliaries finishing
Surfactant Penetrator particularly adapted to impregnation Anionic
ACTYFIL A Auxiliaries finishing
Aqueous Filler Excellent filling effect with a good degree of dulling Anionic
ACTYMAX SP5 Auxiliaries finishing
PU based Stucco Preground stucco, based on heave fillers in 100% PU polymer. Applied by spatulla Anionic
ACTYWAX FF Auxiliaries finishing
Wax Emulsion Very efficient anti-tacky wax even in hot and humide conditions Anionic
ACTYLUST 1079 Caseins
Protein / Hard Wax Excellent polishability, particularly adapted to goat / calf Anionic
Self Crosslinking Acrylic Very soft self crosslinking Acrylic for ecological fixation adapted to milled articles Anionic
Aliphatic PU Very elastic PU top coat adapted to milled and "Stretch" leathers Anionic
ACTYTOP PU PL2 Top coats
Aliphatic PU High Gloss Aliphatic PU Top Coat, adapted to shoe upper and leather goods fixations. Anionic
ACTYTOP PU 303 G Top coats
Aliphatic PU PU Top Coat, used to adjust the gloss of our PU top coat range Anionic
ACTYTOP PU 320 G Top coats
Aliphatic PU Glossy, aliphatic PU Top Coat. With High Performance Film. Anionic
ACTAZYM A Pickling/Tanning
Acid pH active enzymes Bating on pickle and wet blue. Reduces fold marks 7.8
ACTAN EF Retanning
Styrene maleic copolymer Elastic handle, increases retanning penetration 8.5
ACTAN FP Retanning
Selection of natural proteins Selective filling effect 6.5
ACTAN MN Retanning
Reactive amino polymer Lightfast white resin. Reactive for wet-white tanning 8.0
ACTAN OM Retanning
Chrome organic syntan Pretanning, tanning and retanning. Soft, fine grain 5.5
ACTAN PAC Retanning
Acrylic copolymer Softness and fullness 7.5
ACTAN RF Retanning
Phenol-naphthalene condensate Replacement and filling syntan 4.0
ACTAN RM Retanning
Polycondensate Fullness, good buffing, embossing effect 7.5
ACTAN SLQ Retanning
Polyphenolic syntan Liquid replacement syntan, high fullness effect 3.5
Modified Aliphatic Dialdehyde Pretanning, tanning, retanning. Gives soft leather 4.5
Neutral polynaphtalene High penetration / dispersion power on dyestuffs 7.5
Cationic amide Strong improvement of wet fastness 5.0
ACTOIL AMG Fatliquoring
Natural and synthetic fatty substances High softness, round and spongy effect 7.5
ACTOIL CSU Fatliquoring
Synthetic oil Excellent softness, light and heat fastness 8.5
ACTOIL NSC Fatliquoring
Sulphited, deodorized animal oils Very soft leathers. Good electrolytes stability 8.0
ACTOIL SGC Fatliquoring
Phosphated fatty alcohols derivates Light weight leathers, fullness, softness, silky touch 7.5
ACTOIL SUM Fatliquoring
Specific oil blend Shoe & leather goods 7.0
Aliphatic PU Very strong Matt PU in aqueous base, solvent free and silica free Anionic
ACTYL ECO 6 Auxiliaries
Combination of anti-oxydative agents Powerfull chrome VI scavenger 3.0
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