Produit Category Données techniques Applications / propriétés Ph / Ionic charge Doc
Compact of proteolytic enzymes and pH leveler Shorter soaking time, buffered effect on pH 11.0
ACTOL K Soaking
Anionic surfactant / organosulphur compound Strong water up-take and bactericide effect 8.5
BIOCIDE B9 Bactericide
Organosulphur compounds Biodegradable bactericide / curing, soaking 10.5
BIOCIDE ECB 8600 Bactericide
Bactericide, Alkalin organic salts compound Fresh hide treatment in slaughter house 9.0
ACTILIME DSC Unhairing/Liming
Organo compounds. Sulphide free Combined effect of antiwrikling and unhairing. Increases yield 10.5
ACTASE P Deliming / Bating
Selected proteases. Any concentration Bating action with a good sleeking effect 6.0
ACTIDEC PNF Deliming / Bating
Selection of organic acids. Nitrogen free Environmentally friendly deliming agent 1.5
ACTAZYM LP Degreasing
Degreasing enzyme Total enzymatic grease removal 5.0
ACTOL DB Degreasing
Combination of fat dissolving emulsifiers Solvent free degreasing agent. Biodegradable 6.5
BIOCIDE C3 Fungicide
Solvant based, biodegrable Long term protection 4.5
Water based, mono molecular, micro emulsion Long term protection 4.5
ACTAN FCW Chrome free tanning
Organic crosslinker Tanning agent for wet and dry white leather. Lightfast 3.25
ACTAN ALF Retanning
Aluminium syntan Pretanning, tanning and retanning. 3.5
ACTAN SBA Retanning
Phenol condensate Lightfast white syntan 4.5
ACTAN WT Retanning
Sulfone syntan White replacement syntan, high tanning power 2.75
Modified Aliphatic Dialdehyde Pretanning, tanning, retanning. Gives soft leather 4.5
ACTIPACT® RU Actipact® Range
High tech polymer Tanning + Thickness eveness + Rubber-like effect 4.0
BIOCIDE CB Fungicide
Water based, multi molecular, micro emulsion Long term protection 5.5
ACTILIME E Unhairing/Liming
Organo compounds. DMA free Anti wrinkles process. Increases yield 10.6
BIOCIDE M3 Fungicide
Water based, 3 high-synergy molecules Long term protection, wide spectrum of action, biodegradable 6.0