Research and development

ATC recherche et développement

Innovating speciality chemicals for leather

Optimised production

ATC is the only European company to bring innovation to the full range of speciality chemicals for the leather industry.

Since 1973, ATC has pumped an average of 4% of its revenue into research and development. Our vision is all encompassing and our R&D strategy covers every leather manufacturing process: beamhouse, tanning, retanning, dyeing, fatliquoring and finishing.

Development of greener tanning practices
  • Reduction of sulphur and nitrogen compounds used in the liming and bating phases
  • Reduction of salts and acids in pickling and tanning operations
  • Improved fixing of chromium in the skin
  • Reduction of COD and BOD values of waste
  • Removal of chromium from the tanning process
  • Design of synthetic tannins without free formaldehyde
The design of leather items that are innovative, elegant and impart all the nobility and authenticity of leather
  • Development of the ACTIPACT range, producing wonderfully supple leathers with typical roundness and body
  • ACTYTOUCH and ACTYWAX finishing ranges, to bring an infinite variety of feels" to leather
  • ACTYBIND and ACTYCOMPACT finishing ranges, ideal for masking flaws in leather without detracting from their natural look and feel
Improvement of the technical performance of leather
  • Increase of physical resistance to wear thanks to our latest product innovation: ACTYTOP SCA (acrylic fixing resin)
  • Excellent physical performance from the polyurethane fixing range ACTYTOP PU
  • "Zero fogging", ultra-softening fatliquoring processes without the use of oils based on the use of only SOFTENING POLYMERS
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