Technical support

From day one, ATC had prioritised technical support for our customers. Our business is not just about supplying products, but comprehensive solutions.

The ATC team includes 35 leather technicians, all trained in top leatherwork schools in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, India, China and elsewhere.
Our team is fully international, with over 10 nationalities represented, and our technicians are spread over five different continents.

In this way, ATC can send out a specialist to visit your tannery, without delay, wherever you are.

Furthermore, ATC's technical team encompasses specialists from each sector: beamhouse, fatliquoring, retanning, dyeing, finishing, double face, velours, gloves, shoe uppers, linings, leather goods, automotive leather, kip, calf, goat, lamb, sheep and pig skins, exotic leather, and more.
Whatever segment you work in, we have a technical expert on hand to give you specialist support for your core business.

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