High quality standards

Leather expertise

We have just a single area of expertise... and that's what makes us unique!
ATC's strategy has always consisted of focusing exclusively on leather, a decision that has made sure our products perform well.
We are driven by a single ambition: to make our leather fuller, more attractive, softer and more natural.
We have a performance obligation to:

  • Tanners, looking for products that comply with the most recent regulations to enhance hides,
  • Consumers, who want attractive, environmentally-friendly and hard-wearing products,
  • Ourselves, since our future depends on our capacity to always question our processes and develop new products and new services.

Quality controlled from the raw materials to the finished leather

Our comprehensive expertise in the leather industry provides us with the capacity to assure the quality of the raw materials we use, the production processes we practice, the products we manufacture and the logistics chain we operate.

But more important yet, the formulas we develop for our customers and the technical support we provide are true guarantees of the quality of the leathers made using ATC products. And for us, that's essential.

For all of these reasons, ATC has been ISO 9001 quality certified since 1998.

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