Social responsibility

As an independent family business, ATC is founded on strong values deeply ingrained in our DNA.

As a socially responsible company, we are proud to lay the future of ATC each day and respect fundamental ethical principles:

Human rights

We work with social partners to ensure human rights, as defined by the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, are respected.

Working conditions

In every country where we have operations, the working conditions of our employees are a priority:

  • Compliance with national regulations concerning working conditions
  • A proactive approach to factoring in the needs and preferences of each employee
  • Continuous investment in the improvement of working conditions (working environment, posture, comfort at work post, etc.)

The health and safety of our employees and anyone called on to handle our products is a priority for ATC. We pay particular attention to this area day in, day out.

Child labour

ATC, its suppliers and its partners are emphatically against and renounce child labour.

Work experience

For many years, ATC has welcomed young people in school and university into the company for work experience, work placements and post-graduate internships.

Supervised by an experienced mentor, young people get to discover the world of industry and take part in the life of the company through stand-alone assignments that help them develop personally and professionally.

We feel it is our duty to give a taste of manufacturing and chemistry to those who will take over from us in the future!

Business ethics

In our business relations with all our many partners, be they customers, suppliers or banking institutions, ATC is committed to respecting the fundamental principles of professional ethics, namely free competition, confidentiality of commercial agreements, intellectual property and applicable national commercial and tax regulations.

More than simply complying with business law, ATC pledges to treat any commercial partner equitably and to behave cordially and courteously in all circumstances.
We are a firm believer in friendly business relations; we consider that all our stakeholders have a part to play in making ATC a more successful company.

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